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Ebook - NY Retail Confirmation - SS 23/24

Stay on top of NY fashion trends quickly and efficiently!

Material prepared by a team specialized in the international market to optimize your production time and bring the best bets for your company. Don't waste time, find out what's hot in the fashion world right now!

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fashion businesswoman

Success in your sales depends on assertive strategies aligned with the demands of today's consumers. The e-book I prepared brings up-to-date information on business opportunities in the international market. With it, you will have direction and security to succeed and focus on sales. Don't waste time, get the e-book now and change the course of your sales!

Have you noticed that success in your sales depends on assertive strategies aligned with current consumer demands? If the answer is yes, I have a solution for you!

See what you will receive in this Ebook


How to conduct efficient market research in line with international retail trends


How to follow the current market through visits to fairs and stores, in addition to being up to date on launches, prices, materials and interactions with the public


How to obtain information and frequent updates on the international market without the need for constant travel


Trends and insights from the top five fashion hubs in the world


Practical inspiration to optimize time and get new ideas

Photos and records

Photos and records of how trends are being built in physical stores, with attention to retail movements for customer experience


Coverage of seven key macro trends, including descriptions, mood boards, store-proven color palettes, and comparisons of these retail-verified aesthetics with store and product photos


Creative solutions for product development and planning that give customers time to improve their products.


50 high resolution photos


And how much will all this material cost you that will  make the bridge between all stages of the analysis of this research in a clear and efficient way?

Infinitely less than having to read 30 macro trends and having to filter them and still not being able to actually adapt them coherently in your collection.

Get training now with Bonuses

For only!

12 installments of BRL 59.90

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